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E-Waste Management

AVGSPL dismantle and process all discarded, surplus, obsolete, broken, electrical or electronic devices with utmost care to ensure Zero Landfills. 

Battery Recycling

Battery recycling is an activity that purpose is to reduce dumping of all kind of batteries as municipal solid waste.

Plastic Waste

Plastic waste management do exist but, proper implementation and monitoring of these rules are still not being done.

General Waste

General waste covered a wide category as it covers Corporate and industrial scrap, including Metals, cardboard, paper, glass and rigid plastics etc.

Hard Disk Destruction

If you're donating, selling, or recycling a computer, you'll want to make absolutely sure you're not giving away the personal and private information on your hard drive. 

Data Removal & Sanitization

Data sanitization involves purposely, permanently deleting, or destroying data from a storage device, to ensure it cannot be recovered.

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